Dreemon  is a brand new line of products from pharmaceutical wholesaler East Midlands Pharma, our brand is designed to be a one stop location for all your sleeping needs. We provide sleeping aids products that can ease the stress by fragrancing your pillow with specially formulated spray, relieve tightness on your chest or simply provide safe tablets to help you drop off to sleep with ease.

Dreemon was started in 2015 with the sole goal to provide a range of products that are safe, reliable and cost effective for consumers, because we are part of East Midalnds Pharma, we have years of experience within the industry and are a tried and tested supplier of pharmaceuital products to both the U.K. and europerian markets. East Midlands Pharma have provided sleeping aid products to the retail market for over 10 years and know what it takes to produce a product and produce it well.

Dreemon is a brand owned by East Midlands Pharma who are an innovative company that always strive to bring consumers the best products at a cost that is sustainable for long term use. For more infomation on East Midlands Pharma, please visit our website, you may find we have other products that are suitable for you within other areas of healthcare.



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